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LWV works to educate
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Dear Editor,
Since the political controversy has arisen in Great Bend, I have been amazed, if not appalled, by the general voting public’s almost complete lack of knowledge and understanding of governmental processes. The League of Women Voters (LWV) works very hard on our mission of informing and educating people on the issues of governmental procedures.
Everyone needs to do their civic duty by going to the polls and voting. We do not yell at the people we elected when we didn’t know who the candidates were, or where they stood on issues when we voted. We must study the issues, get to know the candidates’ platforms, and vote accordingly. This is the only way democracy works.
It is up to the voting public to educate themselves, but LWV tries to help them find answers to important points. We cannot say, “My vote doesn’t matter because it is only one vote.” We also cannot say, “I don’t’ know anything about them or the issues, so I didn’t vote.” If everyone did this, there would be no control at all, because officials would not have to answer to anyone for their decisions. This it the start of anarchy.
Voting the “party-line” is also a bad idea. Some of the candidates of your party may not stand for what you believe. Be sure you know who they are and what their views are on what you consider important. Remember, they’re human also and, as such, are subject to a few ideas that may not conform to your way of thinking. Be patient, write, email, or call and inform them about your views. Be civilized in your approach to the problems.
League strives to bring issues and candidates front and center, and let everyone know where we stand. We still remain non-partisan on both accounts. LWV is working for the general public to make home a better place to live. To do this, LWV works consistently to educate the voters.

Rebecca Dudrey
President League of Women Voters of Great Bend