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Many people deny Christ
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Dear Editor,
Many people I know deny Christ.
In the simplest form they deny Jesus, the person, as their needed personal Savior.
Most of these people do not really understand what they are denying when they deny Christ.
Most people that do accept Christ for salvation don’t really know who or what they are accepting either.
Christ is a term, a name or a word that has been associated with Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God.
It is true that Jesus, the person, is the Christ. But let’s not limit our understanding to this alone.
Christ is far more than Jesus’ last name. Christ is the power, the principle, the law, the Spirit, the mechanism, the vehicle, the tool or the person by which God accomplishes anything and everything He does.
According to Scripture all things were created by Him, for Him, through Him, and nothing exists that He didn’t create.
Christ is the Creator, Maker, Author, Sustainer, Ruler, Redeemed, and Deliverer.
Christ is the Arm of God. Christ is the Light of the world. Christ is the Word and the Wisdom of God.
Christ is the Rock and the Root of everything. Christ is the beginning and the end. Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.
When a person denies Christ they are denying God, His power, His way, His rule and actually the existence of everything.
When Paul the Apostle declares that the truth of God should be known to us by everything that surrounds us, he is telling us that the works and ways of God have been revealed to us by Christ.
See, God has limited Himself to working all things through Christ.
This really is not a limitation as we understand limits. All things are made, created, held together and sustained by and through Christ. Christ is the way in which God works.
You could say that Christ is the method or system by which God operates into our realm.
I have said all this to try to get people to understand that a person cannot be saved without Christ. You cannot know God without Christ. You cannot come to God without Christ.
All this is because God only works via the law, principle, power, Spirit, person or mechanism of Christ. There is no other way to God because Christ is the Way of God.
When a person gets ahold of this understanding, the revelation of God through the person of Jesus who was and is the Christ, it will become their foundation for all of life. 
I pray you will check out the Holy Scriptures to find out Who and what Christ really is.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain,
First Church of God,
Great Bend