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Mary Jo Taylor will represent well
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Dear Editor,
Kansas is at a crossroad. The upcoming election for legislative members of both the Kansas House and Senate will likely go down as one of the most telling in state history. Regardless of your personal position as a conservative, moderate, liberal, or a combination of any or all those, your choice at the ballot box in this election will help determine the immediate future of the State of Kansas. The upcoming decisions made in Topeka will require Legislative members who possess the most wisdom, experience, honesty and integrity available to us at the ballot box.
As the Superintendent of Schools at Stafford USD 349, it was on my watch that Mary Jo Taylor was hired as High School Principal. When I retired, Mary Jo was chosen by the Board of Education as my replacement. What a great call!
Here is a lady in every sense of the word. Mary Jo is college educated with a major in history and government, became a highly successful teacher, a mother widowed early, remarried and successfully blended her new family, obtained a master’s degree in educational administration, became a high school principal, obtained her Doctor’s Degree while on the job, and now is a highly respected and successful superintendent of schools.
So – Mary Jo understands history, government and the constitution, understands budgeting, dealing with people, decision-making, planning, and at the same time continues to successfully shepherd her blended family and stay active in her community and church – and decides to run for the Kansas Senate, District 33.
Wisdom – Experience – Honesty – Integrity – and Hard Work. Mary Jo Taylor will well-represent you in the Kansas Senate, District 33.
Ron Burgess