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Marzolf comments
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Dear Editor,
Thank you Mike Marzolf for the fine article titled “Take a deep breath and let the legal system take over” on page 8 of Thursday’s Tribune.  He is right in saying let the legal process unfold. All of our hearts and prayers go out to the ones who were abused, as well as their families.
My prayers also go out to the students who are responsible for the actions that were taken, as they will live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Also their parents who are dealing with the reality of what their children did.
I was not there, but know from working with inmates at Larned, it takes only a few seconds for the damage to be done. There are no “what if’s.”  Let the students go back to learning and teachers go back to teaching. This is a schools worst nightmare, so let’s do our best to allow everyone to move forward in a positive direction.  
Mike Boys