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Missouri visitor has answers for town
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Dear Editor,
On a recent five-day visit to your town, I noticed that it is still not “driver-friendly” for an out-of-state tourist. 
Streets are indicative of what one might find in a “third-world” country. 
Pot holes that almost can never be avoided. 
Signal lights placed in different locations all over town. 
Some on a pole on each side of the street and some on arms/poles reaching into the middle of an intersection. 
Missing street signs. 
No “left-turn” signal lights at some of your major intersections — Main Street and 10th Street north/south, east/west.
While it is commendable that you are constructing a multi-million dollar baseball complex that will certainly attract many tourists, it would seem that making a favorable impression of all tourists should also be in your best interest.
Mr. Mayor and council people: take a drive through your town business and residential areas.
Try driving as a tourist, unfamiliar with the area, rather than a “home-grown” resident.  
“What a wonderful town to visit.” 
“Easy to get around and so clean.” 
Those statements should be something the council should want to hear from each and every visitor.
A few residents I spoke with do not seem to have much pride in their town for some of the very reasons I have mentioned.
Bob Ewald,
Billings, Mo.