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Mitt Romney best-suited to be in Obama's new cabinet
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Dear Editor,
Now that the 2012 presidntal election is over, and Barack Obama has won a second-term as President of The United States of America, even though I didn’t vote for Mr. Obama, I still have a high regard for the Office of the Presidency. I hesitantly voted for Romney because I hoped for a new change of direction with regard to our National Economy. However, in all candor, I felt that both candidates, Romney and Obama, were each equally failing to address vital issues Americans care about.
As I say, the Presidency is beyond one man’s single effort alone. Furthermore, I am mindful of “proof” that it is not just a “one man effort”.  That is why we have a “Presidential Administration”. Many advisors working for joint-success are what Cabinet Members are for.   Cabinet Secretaries are essentially “specialists” in their own spheres of supervision and oversight who oversee their areas of activity and report their progress to the President via a chain-of-command.
I hope that President Obama offers Mitt Romney a Cabinet position. Granted, it shouldn’t be something foreign to Romney such as Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Defense, nor Secretary of Health and Human Services. Mitt Romney’s expertise is relatively narrow. It is more suited toward areas of busness and finance. I believe the major viable options are “Secretary of Commerce” or “Secretary of the Treasury”.  Mitt Romney is a  65 year-old senior citizen, yet he still can offer his expertise to America.
I indeed hope that President Obama will extend such an offer of a cabinet level position to Romney. And, conversely I hope that Mr. Romney will swallow his pride and accept it “for the good of the Country”. Our Nation needs to pull together, not fracture apart.
James A. Marples,