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More money
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Dear Editor,
I read that 500 Republicans are supporting Paul Davis for Governor. It said that many were “former” elected officials.
These former elected officials were defeated by conservative Republicans because of their extreme views that most Kansans disagree with. Of course, those same extreme views are those of Paul Davis.
An example is abortion. Most of these former elected officials were defeated because they support abortion on demand with little or no restrictions. Kansans are opposed to abortion and they definitely do not want their taxes used to pay for them.
Those not former elected officials are education administrators. “More money” is their answer to everything that is wrong with education. Not better teachers, not better test scores, not a higher rate of students going on to higher education- just “more money”, Even though over half of the entire state budget is spent on education, for them, there will never be enough money. They say they want it for the teachers. Really? Then why are administrators paid so much and teachers paid so little? Administrators control the budget and their own wages.
How about more results, then more money? Let’s try the other approach.
Of course, in these administrator’s minds, Sam Brownback is responsible for everything. I thought they were responsible as administrators of their schools. Silly me.
There will always be leftist Republicans who support liberal Democrats. Fortunately, they are not in elected office and their policies continue to decline in popularity.
David Gittrich