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Myers for Mayor
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Dear Editor,
I would like to show my support for Randy Myers for Mayor. Randy is a fighter. He might keep getting knocked down but he keeps getting right back up because he stands up for the tax paying citizens of this city.
It never ceases to amaze me as to what this city council and Mayor can spend our tax dollars on. Randy is usually the only one opposed to the reckless spending. And of course, then the rolling of the eyes, half laughs or other inappropriate gestures from some of the other members of this chamber begins. You know who you are!
Randy does ask the questions during council that a lot of us “common folk” would like to ask if we had a more open city council meeting for the tax paying citizens of this community. This is something Randy has always pushed for, (maybe our council and Mayor should attend a Barton County Commissioners meeting where they actually do want to hear from their constituents).
I remember when the convention center was first talked about, Randy said then that it was nothing but a “money cow” which I took to mean “money pit” and he got laughed at for saying that. He was so right!!!  
Yes a few improvements are being made to the convention center but make no mistake, after what I witnessed at the last council meeting, there is intentions to build a new building that is going to raise the mill levy by at least 5 mills. Randy Myers will not vote for this and he is right in saying most people in this town will be once again paying for something most tax paying citizens will not use.
I love how at election time all these letters start showing up for support but it’s really funny that I don’t see any of these people at city council meetings.
Get out and vote on Tuesday, April 2 for Randy Myers for Mayor!
Becky Wornkey
Great Bend