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Myerss facts disputed
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I am writing this letter in response to Councilman Randy Myers’ 2 letters of April 15th & May 13th.
Concrete Service has one lot, not two lots, at the intersection of Holland and 2nd St., specifically 1701 2nd. Prior to Concrete Service purchasing the lot at that location there was a house that the city had orders to condemn and tear down. This would have most likely been done at the city’s (taxpayers) expense. Concrete Service purchased the lot and cleared the house, dead shrubs, trees, and other debris. Nine semi loads of trash from the lot were removed, all at Concrete Service expense. This was an improvement to the city.
The lot is zoned C-2 and is located in an industrial section of town. All properties adjacent to the lot are zoned C-2 or M-1. It was asked of the city prior to purchasing the lot in September, 2009 if the zoning was correct for its intended uses.  It was not discovered until February, 2012 that the zoning needed to be LMSC, one step above C-2, but below M-1.  Also a special use permit was needed. Once notified all activity with the washout pit stopped. Concrete Service then applied for the rezoning and special use permit for that lot along with two other lots they owned. There has been a ready mix plant and wash pit (permitted and approved by KDHE) at 221 Baker since 1951. The neighboring houses were built after 1955.  The lot on 1701 2nd St allowed for the company to move the wash pit, giving more room for the day to day operation of the ready mix plant at 221 Baker.
I would like to respond, with facts, to three of Mr. Myers statements:
1) The lady Mr. Myers referenced has lived in her home for 55 years, not 87 years as Mr. Myers stated.
2) The photos that Mr. Myers referred to were taken on 5 different days with the wind speed at 28 to 35 mph sustained, and with gusts from 45 to 50 mph. Drought conditions were present. Anyone knows that if you combine the lack of moisture and these wind speeds, dust will blow off of any lot in Great Bend.
3) The “No Trucks” signs on Holland and on 3rd St were not removed because Concrete Service asked for them to be removed. Concrete Service never asked for the signs to be removed. The city removed them because they were placed illegally.
Councilman Myers did not contact Concrete Service prior to writing his letters, yet Mr. Myers is the councilman representing the Ward in which Concrete Service is located. Concrete Service has been a responsible corporate citizen of our community for many years and this will continue. Compatibility with our neighbors has always been important to Concrete Service and we welcome factual and logical solutions that are acceptable to the residents and businesses in the neighborhood.

 Dale Westhoff
 Owner of Concrete Service
Great Bend