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November is National Hospice Month
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Dear Editor,
Death can be a scary process for a lot of people, but the care, comfort and dignity that hospice offers makes the transition between life and death a peaceful one, for both patients and families.
When medical treatments can add no more days to your life, hospice can add quality and comfort. Hospice is based on the belief that every life matters, so it takes a great deal to give this unparalleled care. Hospice care helps the passage to the end to be a gentler process by helping people stay in their homes instead of spending their last days in a hospital. Hospice turns illness into an inner journey, making those final days a blessing by helping patients focus on what matters most, family, friends and love. It’s the best way to say goodbye.
November is National Hospice month and at this time, it is important to recognize the incredible work being done through hospice to provide a comforting environment for those at the end of life.
Donita Wolf  RN, director
Golden Belt Home Health and Hospice
St. Rose ASC