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Occupy movement isn't as clean as suggested
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Dear Editor,
In her editorial on Friday, reporter Susan Thacker sings the praises of the “Occupy” movement. It appears that Ms. Thacker would like for everyone to believe that this is purely an organic movement that is only asking that those responsible for the economic meltdown of the US be held responsible.
Whether these people have been duped or handled is really beside the point. More importantly is, are we being duped or handled by those supporting the occupy movement?
Ms. Thacker neglected to mention in her editorial the organizations or individuals that have actually have come out in support of the “Occupiers.” Just to name a few, The Communist Party USA, The American Nazi Party, The Ayatollah Khamenei, (Supreme Leader of Iran), The Government of North Korea, Louis Farrakhan, (Nation of Islam), The Revolutionary Communist Party, Hezbollah and numerous Democrat politicians including President Obama.
For a more extensive list and documentation you need only visit - and search for occupy supporters.
Once you see those supporting this movement one begins to understand why none of them are mentioned in Ms. Thacker’s editorial. Maybe if Americans understood who supports the occupy group they would begin to question their motives.
Why would groups that don’t believe in the free market system, where their governments are run by dictators, or believe that the Jews are to blame for all the troubles in the world jump so quickly to support these innocent protesters if they didn’t believe in the same things? Makes more sense now. If, I wanted to garner sympathy for this group I wouldn’t mention its supporters either.
One has to wonder how The Communist Party USA or any of the other groups supporting the “Occupiers” actually fit with the principles on which America was founded. Don’t communists believe in the collective and wasn’t America founded on the individual and individual rights? The name “Occupy” even has the sound of communism. How charming is that?
Ms. Thacker also neglects to mention the rapes, assaults, thefts, drug use, etc that have taken place at the occupy camps.
She neglects to mention that the victims of these crimes were encouraged to NOT report these crimes to the police.
Wow, how great is that? After years of encouraging women specifically to report abuse and rape this group actually wants to take a giant step backward.
The occupy movement is not simply a group of people expressing their first amendment rights.
This movement wants to change America, much the same way Mr. Obama said just prior to his election in 2008.
Americans are at a crossroads. Our nation has been fundamentally changed. With another election just less than a year away Americans will be deciding which direction our nation will be headed in the future.
Whether you like it or not, this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and values. For our nation to survive we as people, each individual, must return to those principles and values.
We must expect better from our elected officials. We must expect better from those in business. We are not helpless. We can elect different individuals to office. We don’t have to frequent those businesses that we don’t like. We do not have to depend on government to furnish us homes, jobs or educations. We must stop spending money we don’t have. We must accept responsibility for our choices. We have to stop blaming others for our plight in life. We must wake up and change our ways. It is time to seek ways to build each other up rather than tearing each other down.
Ask yourself, is the occupy movement building up or tearing down? What about those that support them? Before you jump on board that particular train, you might want to know its destination.
While there still aren’t clear goals from the occupy groups, we can get a pretty good idea of where the train is headed just by looking again at their supporters. 
It truly is time to wake up America. Before its too late.
Kyle Radenberg,
Great Bend