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Packages were appreciated
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Dear Editor,
To the Military Moms of Great Bend:
Thank you so much the packages, from me, 1st Lt. James Keisler, and Chief Samuela Pulu.
It was a great surprise to get packages from back home.
My wife, Audrea (probably known as Alan’s daughter) told me she gave our names but I never told the guys, so they came to me and was like did you give my name to someone from Kansas?
I told them the story and then we all enjoyed looking through our boxes and shared with all the other soldiers we work with. A lot of good stuff.
Today we got sandwich stuff from the chow hall, brought it back to my office watched the X-men movie you sent, ate our Pringles and finished it off with a plethora of good deserts.
Also we had a juggling competition with the stress balls, as you can see in the attachments, there is no stress during the juggling competition. Those things really work!
We really appreciate everything!
1st Lt. Jonathon Wood,