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Pay attention when you drive
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Dear Editor,
I drive around town for work purposes and have seen people driving and talking on the phone, texting while driving and generally not paying attention to what theyre doing.
People need to be reminded that their cars are not phone booths. I have been witness to many acts of pure stupidity, people crossing lanes with out signaling, people turning into traffic but into the wrong lane, people rolling through stop signs, people using the turn lane to merge into traffic or not using the turn lane at all.
I think people need to be reminded that driving is a privilege not a right!
People who drive inattentively risk their lives and everyone elses on the road with them. We should all be held accountable for what we do when driving our vehicles.
Perhaps a defensive driving class should be required of everyone at one time or another. The harm that is done when in an accident cannot be undone, so pay attention people!
Donald Earegood,
Great Bend