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Possible oil well shocks reader
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Dear Editor,
I was stunned to see that  H & C Oil Operating company of Plainville has the audacity to apply for a permit to drill a well inside the Cheyenne Bottoms. There is lots of oil that does lots of good and is a huge benefit to Kansas, but  not in the Cheyenne Bottoms where our shore birds and waterfowl and Whooping Cranes rest and feed on their migration in the spring and fall. Jerry Moran calls Plainville his home. I would urge every interested person to write him a note and elicit his support in stopping this travesty.
Here is a photograph of a oil-soaked Great Blue Heron in the Cheyenne Bottoms. I doubt very seriously that this bird survived. The consensus of opinion was that the bird got in a pit in this local area. Our Cheyenne Bottoms and birds deserve the respect and protection that the area is now so well known for. I hope that Fort Hays State College, the Wetlands Education Center, Friends of the Cheyenne Bottoms, the Nature Conservancy, Ducks Unlimited, the Audobon Society, Pheasants Forever, and every other organization and individual will join the effort to halt this project. Be sure to noitify Senator Moran and Governor Brownback. There can’t be enough money in one well to have this mark on your business, H&C Oil Operating Company. Please withdraw this permit application.
Our Marsh deserves better.
Dr. Dan Witt