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Proud to vote for Jerry Moran
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Dear Editor,
I’m proud to vote for Jerry Moran. Sen. Moran has done so much for the state of Kansas, and believe me he will continue to do so.
The VA is something else. It’s a tough nut to crack, but Sen. Moran did it. He has worked so hard for me and so many other veterans. I can honestly say without Sen. Moran, I wouldn’t have gotten very far at all and the outcome would have been very different.
Senator Moran will stop, talk and listen to your concerns and that’s not all- he has has a wonderful staff that is also eager to help.
I have been blue collar all my life, but Senator Moran doesn’t care about that, he helps because I am a Kansan.
Please join me and vote for Jerry Moran and let him continue to work hard for all of us.
Ned Brack
Great Bend