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Re-elect Kruckenberg
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Dear Editor,
As a proud Black Panther, Class of 1968, I write about Homer Kruckenberg, a man of character and dedication, who influenced me and over two generations of GBHS students, in a very positive way. Homer is a long standing Barton County Commissioner and running for re-election. The vote is next Tuesday, Aug. 2.
I don’t live in the county anymore but my heart and thoughts are never far away. My parents and a sister are buried in the cemetery there under a shade tree not far from Broadway. Homer too has family members there, too many. He has given a full life to the community of Great Bend as a revered teacher, long time farmer and Barton County Commissioner.
These are tough and changing times for Kansas and for the towns and cities that dot the prairie there west of Wichita and compete to attract or preserve industry, business and jobs. Education and agriculture are of paramount importance in sustaining those communities, and Homer is expert and informed in each. A more steady, educated, devoted, energetic, God fearing, selfless, honest neighbor and servant there is not. Barton County is lucky to have had him as the 2nd District Barton County Commissioner these past eight years, and his work is not done.
Homer has labored hard and with foresight for years with other Commissioners and local leaders to keep the County debt free. Quite an achievement in these times. He also speaks often about the unfinished business of strengthening and supporting law enforcement offices. Working toward a strong enforcement base to protect citizens and appeal to those who can create or keep jobs in the County--that is vision and leadership. Based on a lifetime of knowing him and witnessing his devoted service to the community and to his students, you can re-elect him with confidence.
Ty Cobb