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Reader upset with law enforcement
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Dear Editor,
I’m “extremely” disappointed in not only the Great Bend Police Department, but the Great Bend Tribune as well. You’ve proven to me and most of the people I know that you both are not only “very biased” but your hypocrites as well! Yours is “not” a mission to find truth or justice, but to bend to the will of the entrenched good ole boy brand of “not telling the truth or to seek justice!” If the system doesn’t’ approve of the truth, they tell lies or just ignore it altogether. Case in point, mu home has been destroyed, robbed of “everything” of any value and the police nor the paper will neither do anything or even put the story of the inept police work in the paper!
The police told me up front that they weren’t even trying to solve the robberies. I’ve mailed, hand delivered letters to the editor (who conveniently was out) made appointments to see the chief of police, that he refused to keep.
The extent of the robberies amount to well over $30,000 and absolutely “nothing” has been done! Not a thing! Why? Because I happen to be an ex-convict, and a biker! Albeit that I’m a veteran of the Vietnam War, confined to a wheelchair of which was destroyed by the culprits just to get the battery out. The police told me they would check the pawn shop and flea market. Truth be told, they haven’t and won’t ( a Sergeant told me that to my face) since I’ve been back home I’ve found “conveniently” overlooked evidence and took it down to the police, and was told to just throw it away-they had no use for it! They have “refused” to take finger prints of which there are lots (left untouched).
Here’s the catch, I’ve been told by the police that I don’t deserve any kind of justice, and your editor obviously thinks that the police are correct by doing nothing, because he in his infinite wisdom agrees with the police. So I have to swallow all mu losses and try to pick up the pieces. At 65 and handicapped and with all but no income-that’s going to be hard at best. So what’s left for me to do? I could take justice into my own hands and declare war on the underworld of Great Bend and possibly get my things back or leave it in the inept hands of the police and never recover anything. Then the question arise-trust the police? I think not. They’ve proven they can’t tell the truth or seek justice or even catch the bad guys unless it’s profitable for them. In my “learned” opinion your all a nest of vipers!
I “know” who robbed my home. I found out when the cops “wouldn’t.”
Russell L. Geis
Great Bend