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Representative Huelskamp
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Dear Editor:
It doesn’t come as any surprise to me that Representative Huelskamp is no longer a favorite son of the Republican Party. Representative Huelskamp is a champion of the Tea Party mentality and unwilling to compromise. He is also unwilling to recognize that there are other issues and people in his district that he cares to neither represent nor support.
There is the issue of not wanting to support the tax credit for those who want to make Kansas a wind power giant. He just doesn’ t realize what that tax credit has meant for Garden City and the surrounding communities of Cimarron, Montezuma, Ensign, Spearville, Wright, Kinsley, Dodge City, Hutchinson and etc.
Garden City had the largest inland port facility in the United States this past year. Trucks and trains were delivering an untold tonnage of wind power equipment into and out of Garden City. It was good for our motels, restaurants, truck stops and other retail entities. It was good to our farmers, lawyers, electricians, concrete companies, bankers. land levelers, and of course my business.
Now, our inland port facility is vacant along with two railway trunk lines and the “Siemens” wind turbine facility in Hutchinson had to layoff its workforce.
Doesn’t he realize that wind power is a long term investment in our country’s infrastructure, and that with interest rates the lowest we have ever seen to have our Government investing in this country’s infrastructure is a good thing.
Well, Mr. Huelskamp, there you go. You are getting what you deserve. You, our governor and unknowns were behind Kansas losing one of the best State Senate Chairmen this state has ever had, So quit your whimpering and start acting like a man. You may have principals Mr. Huelskamp, but government works best when opposites are willing to compromise. Even within your own party, and God forbid, Democrats.
Lon Wartman
Garden City