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Residents urged to vote for council members
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Dear editor,
Council members this letter is to tell you the citizens of Great Bend will not be treated like we are invisible. We will not be ignored and we will be heard! Our votes put you in office and they can take you out. We now give you a vote of no confidence! We will choose more wisely in November. The bar has been raised.
Voters of Great Bend, you voted for your councilmen; write letters about how you feel. Call them, talk to them let your voices be heard. Stand up for what you believe in. There is no grey area here, it’s either right or wrong. This is wrong. Tell them to stop hiding behind the employee handbook and policies. Tell them how you want them to represent you, the voter! Tell them you are tired of being disrespected.
You Councilmen who sat there during detective Terry Millard (Ret.) presentation at this past Monday night council meeting, like bumps on a log. Not acknowledging him when others applauded, shame on you, you not only disrespected detective Millard but the whole Great Bend Police Department.
Detective Millard’s story was from the heart. Terry lived, slept and breathed GBPD. He dedicated his adult life to protecting his community along with serving his country. He has earned our respect. Thank you Terry for your service. We are blessed to have had you looking out for us those many years.
Reinstate Chief Couch now.

Bryan Harris
Great Bend