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Rest in peace, Maggie
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Dear Editor,
I was saddened to read the Great Bend Tribune article that the nationally-known, Maggie-the-grizzly-bear, had recently died after being housed at the Brit Spaugh Zoo since the early 1980s. 
Although the bear had to be put down, it essentially died of natural causes after a long and relatively heathy life. 
It was fortunate that 1,700 local residents signed petitions to spare the life of the bear then known as “Bear 60.” She was brought to the zoo and as “Maggie-the-bear.” She attained national fame by being pictured on the cover of Life magazine in the year 1984 when the magazine did a profile entitled: “Can people and grizzlies coexist?”  
I am thankful to the dedicated people at the zoo and other genuine animal sanctuaries. They provide a safe haven for animals who other wise wouldn’t be given a second chance at living.   
I hope the bear will rest in peace, but that her memory, legacy, and the lessons she provided to humans will live-on.   
James A. Marples,