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Salmans is only candidate
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Dear Editor,
Salmans is the only candidate.
I had the opportunity to spend a little time with Mary Jo Taylor recently. I learned rather quickly that she is a nice person, but is in way over her head when it comes to her aspirations of being in the Kansas Senate. I’m sure she can do her part for education but when other topics were brought up there wasn’t much she had to say. The Kansas Senate is not the place you “Learn While Doing.” Larry Salmans is the person with experience, knowledge, and the ability to fight for what is right. Larry is a true conservative that will protect the unborn and also will fight for our veterans, being a veteran himself. Please, take the time to research both candidates for the 33rd District Senate race. Ms. Taylor is a nice person. Larry Salmans is also a nice person and the guy to get things done for the 33rd District.
Terry Harris