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Schartz shows good leadership
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Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Mrs. Jennifer Schartz for another term as our County Commissioner. This is a difficult election because both candidates are honest, hard working, and very outstanding citizens of Great Bend. I support Jennifer because she has been a fine commissioner these years. She has shown good leadership, good cooperation with the other commissioners, and the willingness to listen to the residents who reside in her district.
I believe it would not be a good time to remove Mrs. Schartz from her commission position. She is one who always wants to learn more about the working of Barton County government. Her comments in the Tribune during this troubling time with the County Treasure situation has shown that she is very concerned about this problem which we all hope will be solved soon. She has not been vindictive, but asking good questions.
I will be casting my vote for Jennifer Schartz on primary day. Remember the winner of this primary election will in all probability be the commissioner for the next term. Please get out and vote even if it is a primary election.
Don Learned
Great Bend