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Send powerful message to taxpayers
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Dear Editor,
A recent article described again, issues within the County Treasurer’s office. Commissioner Kenny Schremmer wanted to remind the citizens of Barton County that because the Treasurer was an elected official that there was nothing the Commission could do about the situation and that this was an issue left to the voters in Barton County.
I have in the past tried to organize a recall petition to remove the county treasurer. Unfortunately there just doesn’t seem any interest by the electorate. While I find it fascinating that people are willing to let some one who is obviously incompetent remain in office, what I find equally interesting is that the Commission wants to pretend there is absolutely nothing they can do.
Might I make a suggestion. For the last several years the county (i.e. the taxpayers) have been required to pay extra funds to the auditors for extra time and effort while they attempt to clean up some of the messes made by our Treasurer. I believe the Commission would be completely within their rights to deduct the same amount from the County Treasurers paycheck.
As a taxpayer I for one would whole-heartedly support the Barton County Commissioners in making this move. I believe it would send a powerful message to all taxpayers in Barton County. While they can not remove an elected official that refuses to do their job they can indeed seek to protect the taxpayers in some small way.
Kyle Radenberg
Great Bend