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Sent handicapped outhouse packing
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Dear Editor,
After 21-plus years of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) the Lyons City Hall and Library now have an accessible rest room.
Because of the expense to remodel the present rest rooms it was decided to go a cheaper route.
At $100-plus a month rent, the city has an accessible (almost) porta potty (outside toilet).
This four-foot by four-foot, blue outside toilet, sits at the south entrance to the library.
I question who would use this outhouse when it’s 100 degrees or above or 32 degrees below, while they could use the outdated one inside.
If this outhouse was intended for wheelchairs at four-foot by four-foot, it is about one-half the size it needs to be to get a full-sized chair inside.
Therefore it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.
But let’s be patient.
With a new building in mind in the next three or four years, perhaps the rest rooms will be accessible for all handicapped people.
I suggest they send that eye-sore toilet back to where it came from, and save that rent money for a better use.
Manuel Viramontez,