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So much for customer service
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Dear Editor,
I just experienced the worst case of customer service in my life.
I pulled into a local fuel center and got in line to fill up.
I was in line a few minutes waiting on the guy in front of me to finish when another young man came up and motioned for me to roll down my window. I did.
He proceeded to tell me that I needed to move to another line because that was his brother fueling up in front of me and he wanted to get his 40 cents a gallon off by fueling up right after him.
I told him that he should have gotten in line, that I was next in line and I didn’t intend to move.
The brother in front said that he wouldn’t move his vehicle so that I could get my fuel.
I went to the attendant and asked that he get a manager to ask the guy to move.
Some young kid came out and told me I had to move out of line so the other guy could get in line behind his brother.
Needless to say I was not very happy.
I left the line and went inside the store to talk to the manager. Of course, there was no manager on duty.
The three young people behind the counter said they were very sorry and told me the names of the managers if I wanted to call back. They didn’t ask for my name or number to have the manager call me which I would think would be the proper thing to do when you have an upset customer.
I know that the money I spend at this business every week is just pennies to a company as big as they are, but from now on, my pennies will be going into someone else’s pockets. 
Daniela Reif,