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Some help would be appreciated
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Dear Editor,
At this season of the year when we remember that Jesus came to teach us of His Love, we sometimes get so busy with all things we need to do that we forget those who are less fortunate.
For many years the Emergency Aid Council has tried to coordinate names of those who need a food box for Christmas and those organizations wishing to provide help.
This year for various reasons, groups have not contacted us for names of those needing a little extra food at Christmas time.
As of noon on Monday there had been 50 requests with no groups requesting names to help. 
We usually tell the folks that they would only receive a box if a group picked up their name.
Unfortunately, when we began accepting names, we understood we had groups wanting a total of 120 names.
After we began taking names, we were informed that these groups had collected names from other sources.
If you belong to a group who could adopt one or two families with a Christmas food box or perhaps a gift card from someplace where they could shop for their own food; it would make a few families more comfortable on Christmas day.
To help, you may call or drop by Emergency Aid, 3007 10th, on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9 until 11:15 a.m.
Thank you.
Mary Lou Warren,
Barton County Emergency Aid,
Great Bend