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Sports column should be nicer
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Dear Editor,
I have been attending most of the Great Bend High School home football games since 1972. I have also read, through the years, the many articles about these games by Great Bend Tribune sports writers.
After reading the column by Mack McClure in the Sept. 24 Tribune, “Runaway Reed,” I am very upset at Mr. McClure’s statement: “It will go down in the books as a 100 yard kickoff return, although it shouldn’t have counted because in high school football, a player cannot return a kick out of the end zone”
I was at the game, and watched Alex Reed run and score the touchdown. The official was very close to Alex when he received the football. He did not blow the ball dead, but allowed Alex to run with the football which turned out to be a touchdown.
How negative Mr. McClure was to Alex Reed for making this statement. What a put down to such a fine Great Bend young man and football player Alex Reed, for Mr. McClure to say this about Alex.
The official close to the action allowed Alex to run.
How in the world then can a sports writer, like Mr. McClure, be so adamant in saying the run should not have counted? 
High school athletes like Alex Reed give so much of their time and energy to all sports at Great Bend High School. They do not deserve to treated like Alex was with Mr. McClure’ statement. Maybe Mr. McClure was trying to highlight Alex Reed with this column; but what a negative comment about Alex with this paragraph in his column.
You can see that I am very upset with Mr.McClure. Let’s hope Mr. McClure is more positive in the future about other high school athletes.
Don Learned,
Great Bend