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Stein will do a better job
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Dear Editor,
I was going to stay out of the Christina Stien, Bill Wolf election but after seeing the letter sent out by Richard “Dick “ Friedman, I have to respond.
I have listened to both parties debate and have heard Bill in more forums than Christina, and I find that Christina does not have an ax to grind but that she does have some very good ideas and will represent central Kansas in a positive enlightened way. Christina knows what the issues are facing central Kansas and will actually represent us in Topeka.
I like Bill Wolf and I always will but if you have listened to what he says this is the gist of it.
He says that he goes to Topeka and that “they” appoint him to a committee and that he then does what “they” tell him to do.
He does not raise the issues that concern us and does nothing other than what he is told to do or what the people who bank roll his election want him to do.
Bill has stressed this time after time and this is not the representation we need for the 112th District.
I really never have cared about the Democrat, Republican, Independent squabbles and I try to look at each individual to see what they represent for the people of Kansas not what they bring to their party.
Richard on the other hand is a true blue Republican and is the chair person for the party in Barton County. He is never concerned with what an individual can offer if they are not Republicans.
I am fed up with party lines.
Christina can not influence what Obama does or does not do but we surely need someone in the 112th District that will represent central Kansas and not just do what they are told to do.
I personally think Sam Brownback will be the worst governor Kansas will ever have and that he is only using the position as a stepping stone for his run for the white house. 
I don’t need Scott Donovan to call me and tell me what a rotten leader I am, that I should get out of town, or what is wrong with the city council.
I have listened patiently, and I know your views.
Randy Myers,
Great Bend