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Stepping into anouther realm
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Dear Editor,
Sometimes it’s good to have some fun and add some excitement to subjects that require deep thinking. I hope the reader will find this letter entertaining as well as informative.
Lucy stepped through the back of the wardrobe and entered Narnia. Marty accelerated the Delorean up to 88 mph and broke through the space/time continuum. Quinn Mallory opened the vortex and slid into alternate dimensions. Dr. Daniel Jackson opened the Stargate and traveled the universe. Bill and Ted entered the phone booth and took an excellent adventure. Thomas Anderson a.k.a. Neo took the red pill and was flushed out of the Matrix into a whole new world of understanding.
These are the plots of some fascinating stories, movies and television programs. What if I told you they’re not that extreme when compared to reality?
I mean really, God, who created this realm of time and space, placed Himself in the womb of a young Jewish woman, who had never had sexual relations, and after being pushed through the birth canal, He appeared in human flesh. He lived on this planet for about 33 years. When the time was right, He allowed Himself to be killed by those who hated Him. After being buried for three days, He resurrected back to life and went about telling people of another kingdom. Then, after forty days, He ascended into the clouds returning back to His realm where He is King and Lord. From His eternal realm He sent a new Spirit into those who believed in Him and has promised to return to this realm once again.
When compared to some of the extreme science fiction plots of our day, this very amazing story, being played out in reality, is mind-boggling and difficult for the human to believe.
So, what if it’s true?
What if we could step through the wardrobe into another realm? What if we could break open the space/time continuum? What if we could slide into another dimension? What if we were flushed out of this world and into the most excellent adventure we could ever imagine? What if our eyes were opened to the truth that really does exist around us?
Would you be willing to take the blood red pill if you knew you could never go back?
The Word of God tells us that those who come to believe in Jesus Christ really are transformed into new creations called Christians. We will be inhabited by a new Spirit that comes to make us aliens, strangers and foreigners in this world. Although we are still living in this world we are actually citizens of another realm. We now have an inner power that the normal person does not have. This empowerment allows us to see through the façade of this world and to the truth of what is really happening around us.
While considering all of this, I want you to know that once you pass through the gateway of death you will then be present with your Lord, in His realm, who came to this realm to save you from the deception that has been keeping you blind to this truth. Unless, of course, you haven’t come to believe. Then you will be separated from the Lord for the rest of eternity.
Are you, today, ready to believe what God has so graciously done for you?
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend