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Stop the Insanity!
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Dear Editor,
Stop the Insanity!
Insanity is when we continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing by re-electing the Congress that 90% of Americans disapprove of? We have re-elected 94% of Congress for the last 50 years!
We are in debt up to our ears and we have no budget or plan to pay it off. We spend billions on controversial bailouts and earmarks rule despite promises of change. The economy is tanked.
The solution is as simple as voting against the incumbent. We can send a message to every politician that we will not accept this. We can refuse to re-elect the people who have failed us. There are excellent challengers on the ballot in almost every district and would be impossible to pick representatives who could deliver worse results.
People are streaming in to the grassroots process to engage in this process. The time is now. Own your future.
Cecilia Rice
Texas City, Texas