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Support for First District Congressman
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Dear Editor,
First District Congressman, Tim Huelskamp, has just recently been called out by an over the top liberal group dedicated to destroying the family and Christianity in our nation! Tim’s “crime” in the eyes of this group is the fact that he authored a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as between one man, and one woman. This marriage protection amendment was necessary to protect our families from just such groups and their activist judge groupies.
The second was a bill to protect the First Amendment religious freedom rights of our military men and women at Fort Riley and elsewhere across our nation. Especially important is that this bill protects the rights of military chaplains and all our soldiers to hold true to the tenets of their faith.
I am grateful that Congressman Huelskamp stands strong to protect the values that founded this nation! Please stand with me to re-elect Tim Huelskamp!
David Hobson