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Support for LaPolice
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Dear Editor,
If you believe that Congressman Tim Huelskamp is an honest, principled family-values candidate, you should really reconsider. Perhaps he got into politics with the intention to fight the corruption and the lies of politicians. However, in his 18 years as a career politician, he has completely become that thing he once railed against. His recent smear campaign against his challenger, Alan LaPolice, demonstrates a lack of integrity and morality.
Alan LaPolice after graduation from a Kansas High School volunteered to join the United States Army. This Infantryman voted by military absentee ballot while fighting for us in the first Gulf War. Mischaracterizing his vote as never voting in Kansas is just one of the untruths or half-truths in the ten attacks launched by the Incumbent.
In his 245 town-hall meetings, all paid for at tax-payer expense, the Congressman has never offered a single solution. He has never stated specifically what it is he is doing to fix our problems.
Congressman Tim Huelskamp blames everything on others, including establishment Republicans, Speaker John Boehner, Eric Cantor and every other member of Congress. This seems to be the most un-Christian behavior in someone who claims to hold strong Religious beliefs. Where in the Bible does it say attack everyone, blame everyone as if you were an Island separate, sovereign and apart.
On the Farm Bill, although Congressman Huelskamp claims to vote NO because of the Food Stamp program, he cannot address why he voted NO on July 11th, 2013 for a Farm Bill with zero Food Stamp dollars.
Congressman Huelskamp has become the best (or perhaps worst) player of the political game all in an effort to maintain his position of authority. And what does he do with that position?
As reported in the Garden City Telegram, he uses his power to threaten prominent farmers and business leaders. According to the Telegram, following a debate on July 2nd, the congressman told an Executive of a local Ethanol Plant that he was going to “make (him) pay when he gets back to D.C.” When he gets back to D.C., the place he claims to hate so much, that has become his center of power and oppression.
He goes on to threaten to introduce bills that could destroy the entire renewable fuels industry in Kansas, increased energy production which has become an economic boost in our state and helps maintain American energy security. An Industry many of his constituents have asked him to protect.
Again, perhaps he didn’t start out this way, but Congressman Huelskamp certainly has become a danger to the Republic; a D.C. elitist who will use his power against anyone and everyone who stands in his way.
We need to rectify this. We truly need a change towards the positive and it starts by sending a leader who will serve with honor, integrity and respect to make the government work for us.
It starts by standing up against the political system. Please vote August 5th for a positive change. Vote in the Big First Republican Primary Election to send Alan LaPolice to Congress.  
Kent Roth