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Tax distribution delay questioned
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Dear Editor,
First off I would like to thank Bob Dunavan for his public form letter in the Tribune on Thursday. You are so right! Now I would like to sound off about the tax distribution.
The big question I have is why did it take until November to realize that all these entities did not receive their money that they should have received at least by early June? The mistake was found by the county’s Financial Officer Jessica Wilson but I guess I wonder why the county financial officer would not have known that the county did not receive their $433,715.83 for at least 6 months? Let alone, all of the other entities not receiving their tax distribution money. Was no one asking where their funds were? We are not talking pennies here, we’re talking $1.9 million dollars!  
The persecution that our County Treasurer, Kevin Wondra, and his employee’s have endured has been completely out of control. You really need to have been there and I am sorry I missed this past Monday. I’m not saying mistakes have not been made but I guess they should all be blessed that all the entities are receiving money and not having it taken away. In comparing our county to Reno County, Mr. Davis, I believe that mistake was not on the plus side.
Calling Kevin Wondra’s integrity into play was uncalled for. If any of Kevin’s statements were misleading, I guarantee they were not intentional. He has always tried to answer your questions to the best of his knowledge. Like the new computer system, Kevin found out that some counties have had this system for several years and they still haven’t figured it all out. But our County Treasurer and his employees should have figured it all out in a year according to our commissioners and administrator. If I remember correctly, it was serveral months after training that the office even got to start using the new program. You know the old saying”’use it or loose it.” No wonder they needed more training this year.
I was also wondering who will be in the hot seat next, or will there be, in regards to the tax statements going out later than usual since they got to the county treasurer’s office late?  
Becky Wornkey
Great Bend