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Taxation without representation
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Dear Editor,
Taxation without Representation!! This is one of the issues that led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence and to the fighting of the American Revolution. One of the basic beliefs of Democracy is that citizens should be able to vote for the people who govern them.
This basic right of Democracy is being violated in Great Bend and Barton County. People who live in the Three-mile Extra-territorial Zoning area are being governed by the City Council of Great Bend when decisions about zoning are made in this three-mile zone. However, the people who live in this zone are unable to vote in City Council elections. They can vote only for County Commissioners.
The Great Bend City Council Members and the Barton County Commissioners are encouraged to work together to fix this situation that violates one of the tenets of Democracy!
Jari Marietta
League of Women Voters of Great Bend