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Thank you LWV
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Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the League of Women Voters for hosting the candidates forum. The Crest Theater was full, and it was obvious to me how much the citizens of Barton County want to make an informed vote on Tuesday, Aug. 7. For the most part, those on stage were respectful and outlined their plan for the future.
There was one part of the forum, however, that needs to be addressed. I was saddened to watch when Mitch Holmes stood up to give his closing and chose to use his time to go negative on Senator Ruth Teichmans voting record for not being a true conservative. He pointed out one of the biggest reasons that I am a Senator Teichman supporter. She is going to look at each issue that is brought up and either support or oppose it based on how it will affect her citizens back home. She has a proven record of common sense and dedication. If a true conservative would vote to cut state taxes causing counties, cities and school districts to raise property taxes to provide services, then she will not vote with the true conservatives. Senator Teichman knows that her constituents do not have the same property tax base to draw from as those in Johnson County and that such a move would cost us more and force us to make paralyzing cuts to services.
You can’t be both open minded and claim to vote 100% the same way every time, and yet that is what Mitch Holmes tried to promise the voters. He attacked Senator Teichman for sometimes choosing to vote with agriculture, with Larned State hospital, with education, and with local banks instead of the way that big money interests tell her to vote.   
In the next two weeks, we will likely be buried in last minute campaign propaganda about our Senate race. Many of them will be in the form of attack mailers or robo-calls from outside groups such as the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity. Many of these ads, like two that we have already received, will simply lie about Senator Teichmans positions. The coalition opposing Senator Teichman and seven other senators has pledged to spend over a million dollars to buy your vote. I dont think we should be bought. I don’t want a Senator that blindly follows. I dont want to watch state income taxes on big business go down while taxes on my home rise. I want a traditional Republican that will stand up and defend our school children and our communities at the same time as practicing restraint on taxing and spending. I want a Senator with Ruth Teichmans leadership, experience and seniority who can truly give us a voice in Topeka.
The facts are that Ruth Teichman will evaluate the arguments that are made, listen to the concerns of the voters and then lead the Senate in making the best choice for those in our district. If our area loses her leadership roles on the agriculture and education committees, we will lose our clout and our voice.
Ruth Teichman is the best choice to represent our area in the Kansas Senate. Please join me in supporting her with your vote on Aug. 7th.
Kim Heath