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Thanks for caring for son
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Dear Editor,
Eleven years ago we moved to Ellinwood from Dodge City when our son Chase was 1 1/2 years old. We moved because of a job opportunity and we were encouraged to consider Ellinwood for our residence by our neighbors in Dodge. They had grown up in Ellinwood and said that there was a good school system and a friendly community. We are definitely glad that we heeded their advice.
Our son Chase was diagnosed with an unusual syndrome that causes deafness and dystonia shortly after we moved here. The educational challenges for a deaf person are great and there are many obstacles to overcome. Chase has also had the additional challenge of not having full use of his hands, which has affected his signing and writing ability.
As Chase just finished the end of his sixth grade year at EGS and is starting into seventh grade, we would like to publicly take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has had a part in Chase’s exceptionally wonderful education! From his great start at Sunflower Diversified Early Education Center and Helping Hands Preschool through his years at Ellinwood Grade School, we would like to thank each individual involved. We would especially like to thank Melissa Long, Chase’s interpreter for the last seven years, and Gaye Callich, Barton County Special Services deaf education specialist, for their devoted work and support.
We would like to recognize the willingness of the administration, teachers and helpers to approach his education with an innovative attitude. With much patience on the part of everyone, including Chase, he has achieved a level of understanding and education that is exceptional for a deaf student, especially considering his other physical challenges. We look forward to the opportunities that are ahead, believing that those same goals will be pursued.
We are truly amazed and delighted with his success. Thank you from our hearts and may you continue to find success in meeting the
educational needs of each child.
Scott and Debbie Tillotson,