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Thanks to Military Moms
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Dear Editor,
“Great Bend Military Moms - Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you! My Marines and I recently received some care packages from your organization. We really appreciate the support. Although this deployment is not nearly as difficult as previous deployments - we do still miss our families and our beautiful country. Almost nothing makes you appreciate America quite like being in a third world country - a place with trash blowing through the streets, raw sewage flowing in the gutters, and dirty children with dismal prospects that life will get much better.
We appreciate you folks taking the time to think of us over here on the other side of the world and send us reminders that we are not forgotten. We appreciate it immensely when good people in our country’s heartland take the time to remember that we are out here doing what we have volunteered to do - our sworn duty. Here - alongside our brothers and sisters in the Army, Air Force, and Navy - we serve, knowing that we have the good fortune to come from a great and grateful nation.
And so, on behalf of my sergeant who currently has his hand in a giant bag of M&M’s (he’ll have to run an extra mile or two tomorrow), the corporal at the front desk who is engrossed in a Sudoku book, and the private first class out on the guard post who has Gatorade powder in his water bottle, thank you.
Semper fidelis,
Captain C.M.O. USMC”

To the Great Bend Military Moms,
I just wanted to say “Thanks” to you and your team for continuing to support the forward deployed men and women of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force.  
Believe it or not Mail Call is still a big deal, so the actions of the Great Bend Military Moms do not go unnoticed by the Marines and Sailors of this organization.
Care packages are, and always will be, one of the biggest morale boosters service members receive while deployed.  
The 10 pages of people/organizations who contributed to making this possible was impressive!  
It’s rare to see unity of effort on such a grand scale.  Please thank everyone for their generosity and wish them well on our behalf.  
Again, thank you and Semper Fidelis.
Major / USMC”  

Dear Great Bend Military Moms,
I wanted to say thank you so very much for the packages you recently sent to the SPMAGTF-Crisis Response-Central Command. Your packages were distributed to Marines within the Aviation Combat Element who are forward deployed supporting Operation INHERENT RESOLVE. Our unit comprises of Marines who have been in the Marine Corps a long time to Marines who are on their very first deployment. We took a few minutes from our busy schedules to open the boxes as a group. You can see the smiles your efforts brought in the photos below. Again, thank you for everything you do in order to support the troops!
Major J. A.N.

Greetings Great Bend Military moms,
The Marines would like to send their gratitude for the care packages.
Please give WARM HUGS and WORDS to the communities and organizations of Great Bend.
Your acts of kindness bring a touch of home out here to us!
Many blessings to you all!  
MSgt C.C.
Senior Enlisted Advisor”