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Time Running Out on Animal Welfare Law
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Dear Editor,
Requiring pet breeders to give their animals 24/7 access to water is one of several humane, common sense improvements that would go into effect if the Legislature passes SB 392, a bill that updates the 1988 Kansas Pet Animal Act (KPAA). Other improvements to the law include requiring regular kennel inspections and increased fees to help pay for them, adding pet animal foster homes to help abandoned animals, banning the use of carbon monoxide to euthanize animals, and giving shelters/rescues a seat on the KPAA board.
This proposal enjoys widespread support within the industry, including from commercial breeders, animal welfare advocates and non-profit shelters/rescues. Unfortunately, like so many of the animals it is designed to help, SB 392 is itself in need of rescue. Since passing the Senate, it has languished in the House Ag Committee. Chairwoman Sharon Schwartz (R-106) of Washington, and Vice Chair Kyle Hoffman (R-116) of Coldwater, can still advance the measureand thereby relieve a lot of animal suffering but so far have been unresponsive to the bills supporters.
Is it really such a stretch for Kansas law to require drinking water for animals, regular inspections of kennels, foster homes for abandoned animals, and a greater voice for animal shelter/rescues? There’s still time to rescue this bill and support the animals, reputable breeders, overburdened shelters/rescues and, ultimately, consumers/taxpayers who will benefit from these laws. Weve come too far to let this bill die in committee. Legislators, are you listening?

RaShann Southard
Great Bend