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Time to put mess behind us
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Dear Editor,
For the last two weeks, we all have heard the sad but disturbing news about the juvenile delinquent boys on the Great Bend activity bus, and the crimes they have been accused of doing. This is sad. This makes the city of Great Bend and all of the residents, along with our School District, look bad. But what really upsets me the most it seems like everyone is going after our school superintendent, Brad Reed,
and High School principal, Tim Friess. People are saying that they were not doing their jobs. But what all of you are forgetting is that they have rules and regulations and state and federal laws that they have to follow. All they can do is follow the rules set forth by the School Board. If you do not like what is happening to our School District, then I would suggest that you get on the School Board. Or better yet, contact your state and federal representatives that make the laws that we have to abide by. You are all forgetting the boys involved are considered juvenile delinquents, and the boys along with their parents should be held responsible for what they have done. Hopefully, justice will come to the accused and to the victims. It is time to quit spreading rumors and hearsay. If we do not know the real truth and facts, then the best thing that we can do is to keep it to ourselves. The news media thrives on hearsay and false accusations. It is time to put this mess behind us and move forward and get out of the spot light.
David Doonan
Great Bend