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Treatment of county employees
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Dear Editor,
I started at Barton County Road & Bridge as a part time employee working the summers helping with paving and overlay. At the end of the summer I started full time working for the county. I am leaving the county after two months because of the way the County Administrator and County Commissioners are treating the employees. At a time when we were busy with mowing and cleaning up the flood damage they decided in a “study session” to cut all overtime to the department. I found out when Commissioner Cates finally came down to talk to us that the decision to cut overtime was made because it was unearned or guaranteed. Both were lies. No one from the department was allowed at the study session and a great deal of “misinformation” was presented. Road & Bridge is not the only department that similar action has been taken.
I would think that the taxpayers would really be mad that mowers were shut down early every day during one of the worst years for weeds and with bridges and culverts needing repairs what were they thinking. Their actions were nothing short of reckless and careless. Now five employees have quit and went elsewhere to work. The county is trying to rehire people at a less than competitive wages. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow people because your roads aren’t going to be cleared as they have in the past.
Remember the county raised your mill levy now they are cutting service. Unhappy about the mowing or culverts not getting cleaned out? Call your commissioner.
Landon Leuenberger