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Tribune actually print what I said
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Dear Editor,
I would really appreciate it if the Tribune could actually print what I said instead of what they want you to see just one time. At the League of Women Voters forum the mayor said that the local economy is great and that he got Red Barn located here and my response was that I was totally for Red Barn until I saw the clause in the city and county contract with Red Barn that states 51 percent of all jobs created must be of low to moderate income. I said I did not know who was responsible for that clause but that type of behavior has to stop. I do not see how jobs that pay $8 an hour with no benefits the first year are a great boon to this community. The mayor said be believes in the spirit of cooperation and I brought up the time the city was having the vote on the increased sales tax to repair the streets and the county commissioners all came to the meeting. No one communicated with them prior to that meeting and they did not get to speak until I said  that they must have been there for a reason and I wanted to hear what they had to say. I said not only do we not cooperate but we don’t listen either. I said that we might have a 5 percent unemployment rate but we are losing jobs (around 200 at CKMC) and to the 5 percent who do not have jobs because there are no jobs it is not trivial. I also said that I thought getting Grant Street extended from Wal-Mart to the Great Bend Regional Hospital should be a priority now that it is our only full service hospital and that repaving McKinley Street could wait.
Randy Myers,
Great Bend