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Unrein is the choice
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Dear Editor,
I believe that Richard Unrein is the only choice for sheriff of Barton County. He in my opinion is an honest and caring person. I believe he has the best personality, knowledge, and love of the profession to work for and with our county. I have known Rich for over 23 years. I have worked beside him as Great Bend Jaycees, I personally nominated him for outstanding public protector in our Jaycees program, where he won locally the first year, as well as locally and on the state level the next year, running against very stiff competition from all over Kansas. I have seen him work with our youth, as well as others. Our youth respect him and feel comfortable going to him for advise, and trust him, knowing he will always do what he can. I feel it’s is important to build the trust and respect of law enforcement from a young age up, then hopefully, the respect continues. Rich worked his way up from the bottom all the way to lieutenant over the years, he knows every aspect of law enforcement, and believes in it. The last few years he has not worked in this capacity, and I can see that he longs to be back where he belongs. He has also ran a clean campaign, I have not heard a bad word about the other candidates come from his mouth. He has not called people at their work place to ask for support, or gone onto peoples Facebook accounts either. He truly has the honesty and integrity needed to do this job successfully, and he will do it with his heart, beliefs, and knowledge. I know he has the communities best interests and needs at heart, as proven by our DARE program as well. Please take the time to give Rich a fair chance. Vote for him on Tuesday, as he truly is the ONLY choice!
Deby Newsome
Great Bend