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Use Kansas wind power
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Dear Editor,
Tell them in Topeka to use our Kansas wind power! Kansas wind power and other energy industries have meant good-paying jobs for Kansas workers, millions of dollars in private investments in our state, and substantial savings on our electric bills.
 So why are our elected officials fast-tracking bills to take away these benefits?
 Kansas House bill (HB) 2241 and Kansas Senate Bill (SB) 82 are aimed at weakening our states policy that has set moderate requirements for our state utilities to provide electricity from wind power and other renewables.
The House bill would even cancel the 2020 standards  altogether.
If these bills pass, thousands of jobs across Kansas will be put in jeopardy. Workers and their families would take a direct hit should legislators pass these bills. What is more, many farmers who have been hit hard by the drought are being able to stay afloat because of the new energy-for-the future “wind farms” being built on their land taking advantage of Kansas great free resource, the wind.
The passage of these bills will raise our rates on our electric bills too. According to a Synapse Energy Economics report last May, adding more wind power in the Midwest would lower overall energy costs for consumers, saving each ratepayer $63 to $200 per year. Taking away incentives to add wind power will only make it harder to lower our electric rates.
 Finally, wind power has generated seven billion dollars in private investment in our state over the last decade. This is much needed economic development that we all can cheer for  we produce clean, homegrown energy and in turn workers get jobs, and our electric bills stay low.
The League of Women Voters of Kansas is urging our legislators to vote NO on HB 2231 and SB 82 and urging all Kansans to contact your legislators (find contact information at and tell them to use Kansas’ wind power; keep clean energy and good-paying jobs in Kansas.
Ernestine Williams Krehbiel
League of Women Voters of Kansas