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Volunteers in Action
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Dear Editor;
The spirit of generosity is definitely alive in Barton County. As the new volunteer coordinator for Volunteers In Action, I have seen firsthand the example our community sets for caring about their neighbors.
The Check Out Hunger Food bank drive held the first weekend of April showed our young volunteers from Holy Family, Girls Scouts and the Barton County Youth Care how much Barton County residents want to take care of each other.
The stories they heard about people wanting to give back or pay forward were heartwarming. And I know the shoppers loved the friendly and thankful attitude from our RSVP volunteers and young volunteers. In total, they raised almost 1,750 pounds of food and over $450 dollars
The same generosity was shown in Ellinwood during the Citywide Garage Sale. Not only did the community purchase doughnuts to benefit the Ellinwood Food Bank, but many donated extra adding up to $275.
This generosity is why the founding members of Volunteers In Action wanted to start this program. They knew that there were many people out there who would like a chance to volunteer their time and talents.
Our objective is to help volunteers match their skills, interests and passions with the community projects available. Sometimes that means only one hour a week, five hours a month or 10 hours a year. No matter the time available, it all helps. If everyone takes the time to register with Volunteers In Action, we can help spread out the time and energy needed to accomplish great things for our community.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Linn Hogg
Great Bend
Volunteers In Action