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Vote for Brownback, Kobach and Roberts
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Dear Editor,
The things you will lose if Brownback, Kobach and Roberts lose their races. The marriage amendment will go away and same sex marriage will be the new Kansas and taught in our schools. Barton county voted solidly for traditional marriage, 4,701 for and 1,057 against. That is a strong vote. Abortion will once again flourish as our destination industry as in the past. Davis, Schdorf and Orman are abortion without restrictions. Your taxes will go up.....that is a promise. Davis is planning at least 17%. Non-citizens will be voting at your polls......Kobach is protecting them now but Schodorf does not think you need ID to vote. We will lose control of the US Senate which is within arms reach and that damages many national issues. Barack Obama will have Kansas in his grip and he will be celebrating in the White House. Orman has said he will support amnesty for illegals and by the way, he is a Democrat and has given $174,000 to Democrats and if he will lie about his party affiliation, what else will he lie about? I believe if we lose Kansas to Barack Obama, the damage is far reaching. Davis, Orman and Schodorf are Obama supporters. They voted for him, donated to him and Davis was a two time Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention. All three are strongly on the Obama team. Please vote for Brownback, Kobach and Roberts. Our lives depend on it.
Debra Weingartner