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Vote Huelskamp
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Dear Editor,
First of all let me state that this is my opinion! I wanted to voice it while we still have a constitution in effect.
Tim Huelskamp has done a fantastic job for Kansas. He has followed the constitution not the ideas and wims of blowhards and special interest. And don’t ever forget he has worked very hard for the veterans. He has also tried to hold veterans administration’s feet to the fire.
He has fought for the rights of farmers and everybody else whether you work with a shovel, hammer, computer or even a scalpel. Get my drift?
What we don’t need is someone who can’t win on their own merits. Who has to spread rumors and stories that are proven not to be true.
Tell me, if he is running for Congress in Kansas what the hell is he doing buying a house in California? I guess he thinks we are just a bunch of hicks.
I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can usually spot someone who isn’t shooting straight with the people.
Oh by the way, there is no way Marshall can repeal Obama Care. It takes both houses with a huge majority to do it. Not a rookie Congressman.
Vote for someone you can trust. Tim Huelskamp. Not for someone with their hand out.
Ned Brack