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Vote "Yes" to retain Supreme Court Justices
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Dear Editor,
Although I have traded in my farm boy roots for a big city law firm, I still remember what I learned growing up in Frankfort, Kansas. Common sense includes making the right choice and playing fair.
Kansans have many important choices in this election, but none more important than keeping our fair and impartial Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges.
The choice is clear. Do we want judges who can be fair and impartial, without fear of politics, money or special interests?
Or do we want judges who look over their shoulders and check with their political bosses before they make a decision?
A vote to retain our judges protects them, and us, from politics, money and special interests from controlling the law and decisions about our lives, families and businesses.
Powerful, well-funded, and even well-meaning Kansans demand that you vote based on the political outcome of cases. Vote judges out so Governor Brownback can appoint whomever he believes to be “right-thinking.”
I don’t claim the current justices or judges are the best or brightest or are always right. No good justice would ever presume to claim that, either. But they are free to rule based on history, case law, facts and the language of the Kansas Constitution. They are not beholden to this Governor or this Legislature, or future ones for that matter.
If a justice or a judge is “un-retained” on Nov. 8, every current and future Kansas justice will have to ask a new question before deciding controversial and difficult case- will the special interests attack me in the next election if I rule a certain way?
Justices, judges and courts should be - no, must - be fair and impartial. Those special interests with money and power who put propaganda in your mailbox, on your radio or on your TV don’t believe that.
How ironic that those who for years have railed against being “politically correct” now want to force their own political correctness on our courts.
There’s nothing wrong with Kansas courts today. There will be if we force judges to follow the wishes of the politically powerful.
Vote “yes” to retain all of our Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges. It’s a vote for the future of Kansas.
Greg L. Musil
Overland Park