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Votes count in local election
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Dear Editor,
I would like to thank all of the people who supported me during the last election; I really appreciated the support from you. I was a bit disappointed in the low voter turnout and I wish I knew why that was the case. Your votes do count in local elections and if you don’t vote we lose.
The newspaper said that they would not print a letter to the editor from me because I was running for office yet they allowed Dana Dawson to do so and he was running for office also, funny how that works.
What really irritated me is the fact that when someone who receives city funding put my sign in their yard they were called and threatened by the Mayor and told that their city funding would be cut. Are you really that petty? That is just sad that city officials are that small.
As far as Lindberg calling me a bold faced liar, I think he needs to look in the mirror. I have never been lied to more anywhere else then sitting in the council chambers listening to other council members, city staff and some guests. They knew they were lying and so did everyone else but they call me the liar. When Partington said it would cost five and a half million to build a new convention center I asked him how many mills that would be and he said five. I did not make it up as Lindberg said in his rant. I seriously question Lindberg’s sanity after reading that last article.
I seriously don’t know how some of these people sleep at night.
Great Bend spoke and I can accept that, I will continue to serve the voters who elected me as a council member.
I know that I may not have gotten all of the signs picked up so if you have any give me a call and I will retrieve them. 620-786-1351
Randy Myers
Great Bend