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Waiting for public office investigation
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Dear Editor,
Thank you, Karen LaPierre and The Topeka Capital Journal!! We now know, thanks to your diligent, in-depth reporting, that Milton Wolf, “who is a Tea Party favorite”, is human, has made mistakes, and – most ghastly of all – has had at least one lapse in judgment in his life (“Wolf should start with local politics”, Tribune, Feb. 27, 2014). Ms. LaPierre suggests that Wolf “should run for local office to gain experience before he throws his hat in the national arena.” May I remind you that the current President of the United States had served one term as a state senator prior to throwing his hat into the national arena, and during that term he cast neutral “present” votes most of the time? His glowing resume showed experience as a “community organizer”, though given the way he has divided our country I can’t imagine him organizing a box of crayons, much less a community. The American public is supposed to overlook Bill Clinton’s trysts in the oval office with an intern, Hillary Clinton’s failure re: Benghazi, Barack Obama’s open association with communists and the Muslim Brotherhood, and just accept the fact that “character doesn’t matter.” But let a Republican or – worse yet – a “Tea Party favorite” make the slightest mistake, and the left gleefully drags it out before the public in the name of keeping the voters informed!! I am waiting for Ms. LaPierre, and The Topeka Capital Journal, to provide us with their findings following painstaking research and dogged investigation re: all candidates for public office, whether Democrat, Republican, or “Tea Party favorites”, but I won’t hold my breath!!
Sharon McGinness