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Watch where the carts get parked
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Dear Editor,
Attention Great Bend shoppers:
Please show a little respect for other shoppers here in town!
We live in Kansas, and unfortunately the wind seems to blow much of the time.
When you are lazy and inconsiderate and leave your shopping cart wherever you feel like instead of putting it in the stalls provided, You are creating a big problem.
The wind blows.
The shopping carts go wildly racing across the parking lot. This sends them crashing into cars leaving marks, dents and paint chipped off.
Even a child or an elderly person could be struck by a wild cart!
I witnessed this at a local parking lot. As I was walking to my car (parked far from the store to avoid the door bangers) I watched as two carts were quickly careening towards my car and others.
No matter where you park or what you drive, you risk your paint job every time you try to shop when there is a strong wind. Show some kindness and respect for other people.
It will set a good example for your kids and others, by putting your cart up instead of leaving it loose in the parking lot.
Amy Kile,
Great Bend